Dolphin Vibrations

Whales Tales in the Dominican Republic

Out in a zodiac boat safe within a coral reef called Silverbanks, we took off from the mother ship and went off to distant plumes of spray on the horizon. It was early morning, pleasantly warm, and the water rolled and undulated liquidly mercury meeting up with the  sky.  When we did stop, again my experience was deepened.  Below us was a dark form but the beautiful white pectoral fins (unlike the dark finned Humpbacks that come down to Hawaiian waters) were an unearthly turquoise color beneath the surface.  The Whale mother and baby floated quietly.  We floated like tiny frogs, motionless on the surface.  They sang to us, sang through us.  It was the most awesome sensation to know that the largest beings on the planet (up to 50 tons) were floating, curious, friendly, swimming gently effortlessly away, only to return and circle and roll over on their backs!  They were so open-showing their majestic vulnerability, their beautiful white ribbed bellies.  It is only in retrospect that I am beginning to realize the import of my journey to the Dominican Republic, and then four hours out to sea, the marked difference in experience from dolphin encounters.

The dolphins are high frequency minnows against the slow thunderous magnetic feeling the whales emit.  The desire to slow my life down, to realize there's nowhere to "get to" but within my self has emerged since this experience.

So many people remark" I want to go swim with dolphins or whales." I tell them" don't be it before it's not possible for you to do it.  Do it."  By coming this close to us, they open up portals of energy, blurry horizons that have seemed impossible, dreams that seem impossible.  Fantastic visions and magical notions-they seem to call out to everyone.

You don't have to paint rainbows around your house or drive an old vw van - accountants, lawyers, nurses, teachers, children-are allowing themselves to open their bodies; their "fields of energy'' in group settings.

No one comes away and returns to the same life.  It's not possible. Something gets stirred up, creates conflict, and sparks resolution, to live with more joy.  It is joy that heals the body and reunites us to ourselves at soul level.  It's OK now.  It's OK.

Let your own physical body be your scientific exploratory thrives on energy and fun.  Once done-being exposed to a larger, the largest energy on the planet an energy that swims in groups, in pods-you may realize more of what your deepest yearnings are and choose-PREFER to live at that level.  You can say I won't but not I can't.  People that never snorkeled before, all too eager and thrilled to be so close to such grace.  There is nothing like a whale to look you in the eye-you will never again doubt the majesty and magic that there is, and that YOU are.

At least, that's a little of what happened to me. with respect, Laurie Seligman

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