Dolphinata Defined

dolphinata defined:

    This website is presented by Transformational Health Alignment.  It is dedicated to the study of vibrations both within and beyond the threshold of audibility that serve the purpose of therapeutically re-harmonizing the energy field of which our human bodies are a part. 

    Swimming in the frequencies, the song of the dolphin energy itself yields a healing, a sense of well-being, an energy charge.

    dolphinata offers adventures, playshops, personal consultation, articles, and any form of communication that can further the vibration, the frequencies of health, peace and well-being. 

    dolphinata utilizes the social mechanisms of dolphins as a teaching metaphor.  dolphinata is dedicated to encouraging fun...

Services provided  for those ready for the next level...

    There needs to be a bridge between physicality and spirituality.  Many people are answering an inner need, a recognition that there has been  a lack of connection or a disconnection from us to ourselves. 

    With that acknowledgement, one begins a journey towards completeness, by more education in whatever form that may take.  Along these lines, we are addressing our belief systems, our school of thought begins to reformat.  Does behavior change, can disease, or dysfunction patterns change?  Yes.  YES.  When is that?  When there is enough energy running through the system to be able to dislodge and flush out blockages in thought, and in the physical body.

    To get beyond being aware of what beneficial changes would be, we need that filled up healthy energy field.  Energy is the currency of life and of vibrancy, of balance of change.  Literal change is a shift, an awakening, an "aha!" within us. 

    It is very challenging, very difficult to do things differently when you are sick, tired, don't feel energized... Energy field awareness is just this... energy feeds the body.  The chakra system is a series of sites of condensed energy and is also a pumping mechanism, an intake output mechanism that draws the energy through your system.  If something is blocked, it gets deprived of energy.  By then, you are functioning at the level of thought, wanting in action.

    In bridging physicality to our spiritual growth, energy field awareness becomes paramount.  The way we learn after a certain level of development is in specializing according to interests and desires... by attending lectures, seminars, chosen classes, and we gravitate towards these "affinity groups" of like energy field.

    In attending a playshop, or hearing and participating in lecture discussion on energy Field awareness, health, the chakra system as a healing modality, one stays open to greater awareness, connection and enjoyment.

    TRANSFORMATIONAL HEALTH ALIGNMENT offers Energy Field Awareness classes and private consultation, lecture/discussion groups and week long playshops integrating these learnings with the socialization healing community the Dolphins are offering.  These playshops take place in Hawaii.

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