About Laurie

Laurie Seligman:

M.A. Spiritual Psychology
Professional Certified Fitness Trainer

Energy Medicine, Healing Frequencies Founder

Laurie Seligman holds a masters degree in Spiritual Psychology from University of Santa Monica, CA., and a degree in Fitness Training from UCLA. She continues her participatory  research in acoustic healing, through interactions with dolphins and whales in Hawaii, Bimini, Florida, Tonga, and the Dominican Republic.

Laurie has run experiential seminars at, hospitals schools, spas and Wellness Centers for the past 12 years, and has been a fitness trainer for the last 15 years. Laurie's studies have taken her abroad for continued cetacean study. Laurie has led classes in meditation and/lecture discussion, including use of quartz bowls for healing tones...and works with medical music. There's always more...

Laurie is:

Founder: Conscious Fitness Training® awarded grant by Susan Komen Breast Center Foundation, 2005 for intensive seminars The Way to Wellness. These were taught in both spring and fall of 2005and will continue in 2006 and 2007.

The Monroe Institute, ongoing study in acoustic therapy and brain wave entrainment
University of Santa Monica, Santa Monica California
Degree: M.A. Spiritual Psychology , Special Emphasis on Consciousness, Health and Healing  2001. Psychology and Health
Certification in Fitness University of California, at Los Angeles ,1992
Health and Fitness
 B.A. Rhetoric, University of Illinois, Champagne-Urbana, 1973, Graduated with honors, James Scholar
Complimentary study in the field of Health and psycho-spirituality:
Intuition training with Dr. Carolyn Myss, course Energy Biology
Ongoing Study, Rev. Rosalyn Bruyere Healing Light Center Church

Professional Experience:
Lecture and teaching work:
( 1998-2001, attending graduate school)
Medical Education Speaker's Network, lecturer
Mission Hospital, Breast Center, Way to Wellness Series 2004-2007
Wellness Program, Motion Picture Television Industry, 2001-present) topics-
Tools for Success/Power of beliefs
Mind- Body Connection, Claiming Personal Power
Signs and Symptoms of Wellness
Stress Management and Sound for Relaxation
Reclaiming Health
Healing and Sound
How to Avoid Burnout
Fry Now Pay Later/Living in Health Integrity
The Positive Mind Diet

Upland Hospital, lunchtime seminar, topic- Physicians and Burnout, 2002
Taught Exercise to the Blind, groups at  Braille Institute of Los Angeles, 1999
St. John's Outpatient Clinic, topic- Exercise and Addiction Recovery 1998
Women's Recovery house, Via Avante, topic -Stress Management & Exercise 1998
Oaks Spa, Ojai Ca. topic- Stress Management 1997
 Workout Warehouse Seminars, topics- Meditation techniques 1998-9

Employment Experience:
Private clientele: depression, advanced stress management, psycho-bio constructs
Personal Health Coordinator, Fitness Trainer, 17 years, Bodymaxx Private Training Center, Los Angeles
Currently writing books on health: The Conscious Fitness® Handbook, Whispers from the Heart, a Woman's journey through Hysterectomy Surgery, The Worthiness Factor: the missing Link in Healing
Mode Magazine- topic Affirmations
David Magazine, series-
 The Vertical Climb
Becoming Emotionally and Mentally tough
How health is positively affected by keeping your vows to yourself at work
What you think makes all the difference

Young at Heart, Workout Video for the Elderly, starring Estelle Getty, concept created by Laurie Seligman, Conscious Fitness Training®

Special Week long Intensives- created by Laurie Seligman, held in Hawaii and Bimini, participation with wild dolphins, acoustic therapy, healing, meditation, journaling, exercises, group bio- energy field as support mechanism for continued growth .

Practice team building

Create balance

Take risks

Step into your potential

Mentor new ideas

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