Dolphin Vibrations

Musings from La Perous

August 31, 2000

It was the last morning
for me in Maui this visit.
I got up at 6:00.  The

fan was blowing on me and the hot air was circulating with no cooling effect.  I drank some coffee and meditated.  Not for long.  I found myself in the car with my snorkel and fins and mask, driving from the opposite end of Kehi down to La Perous as fast as I could.  I prayed, I cried, I felt drawn to try what I had learned the day before.  My friends had taken me out in their boat and we practiced "Dolphin Mind" swimming that day.  Get into the zone in your own mind, don't make them do the work, do it yourself.  What do they bring up inside of you?  What do they represent?  I got to this place and my breathing slowed down, calmed, and I felt that meteor charge through my chest and make me cry inside my mask, that burning expansion within me, that connection to myself to them to everything- this would come when I thought of the dolphins.  I drove to the end of La Perous.  I was alone  No one would know what happened to me.  Every "Jaws" fantasy came up as I stood at the water's edge.  I watched kayaks being prepared to slide like knives into the velvety Hawaiian water.  Finally, after watching the wave patterns, I gingerly approached the water's edge, hoping I wouldn't slip and fall in front of these strangers.  You are alone,You are alone, kept flashing.  Finally I said back "yeah, so what.  I am ok too."  I went in.  I practiced controlling my out-of-control breathing.  I felt that surge open within my heart, when I imagined the joy of being among the dolphins and the freedom, the timelessness.  I looked up and realized I was pretty far away from shore.  No sharks.  Just my mind.  There was a kayak with no one in it.  Maybe the dolphins were over there.  Oh well, don't rush over, don't charge, and don't approach head on.  Not proper etiquette.  I swam over thinking about all this, and looked down through my mask.  Suddenly a magnificent symphony burst through the water and into my ears and whole body.  They rose up from the shadows below, beneath, alongside and all around me.  My heart filled my body with joy and I swam below twice, trying to show them that I would try to enter their living room, instead of insisting that they swim on top with me.  Eventually there were other swimmers and kayaks.  We accepted teachings from the dolphins that morning. I spoke kindly to strangers, shared, enjoyed and contributed to the joyous energy field, the playground we were all a part of.  Over an hour had gone by without my knowing it.  I had to return to shore, and get upcountry to Makawao to meet with a chef.  I headed towards shore.  I heard much chattering and clicking and squeaking.  I did not want to leave.  I felt they were doing a slow pass be me and I followed within their group for a second I thought.  I looked up again and the stinkers had helped me swim farther away from shore.  I laughed, and thanked them for the gifting, and made it to shore so grateful.  Magic is magic, there's no denying its majesty...

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