Dolphin Vibrations

Musings from Honanau Bay

Oct. 17, 2000

This morning I was to receive a teaching form the dolphins.  I had a different swim to compare to and I listened as I swam along in the shallow bay.  This one was much smaller than Kealekekua  Bay.  There were already "plenty swimmers" out there and there was a  place called Two Step in which to enter through the crashing waves. Some people had already finished their swim this morning and were sunning themselves on the lava rock and sharing fruit and talk story about plans for the day and their water experiences.   Again, I witnessed people saying good morning by floating over to each other and removing their snorkels for a hug and kiss.  It seemed more meaningful, more a choice than on land.  Just an observation.  There was much frolicking and deep diving going on this morning.  I felt much more rested and had watched on Los Angeles a bit by now.  I also had a cold and chose not to dive down and irritate my ears too much.  I did try to listen.  I never heard barking underwater before.  I listened again.  Was that barking?  I picked my head up out of the water and listened.  I did not hear barking anywhere.  Actually the sound made me laugh although I knew it was a communication signal for the dolphins and did not know what that meant... That morning I chose to swim and be chosen very specifically by them for whatever interaction we might have  I could not swim as fast nor dive as fast as other swimmers, and accepted that information.  I thought, "I would love to see your new babies though."  I looked down and saw two mothers with babies and two more dolphins gliding, nearly stopping straight below me.  I thanked them from my heart and continued swimming along intertwining with them.  They would rise diagonally to the surface just in front of me.  I loved to hear them surface and breathe, and it seemed a very gentle delicate morning.  This is what I observed upon reflection.  the prior morning swim there was a lot of activity and people getting play time in with the dolphins.  This morning was a completely different feeling, different energetic.  There were people following, diving, but not such frenetic wild play.  This morning I saw a teaching .  To recognize this can be quite subtle.  It appeared that there was a way the interaction was playing out that was allowing for sharing.  The realization came in that not once that morning did anyone bump into me, cut in front of me, and I watched this.  It had become a ballet of sharing. of people connecting somehow not only with the dolphins but with each other.  It created a very different feeling within me.  I felt very peaceful and serene, and had no difficulty accepting my swimming limits.  "There is enough for everyone"  seemed to waft through.  I returned to my dance with Mothers and Babies and spent some time with a dingle dolphin dance.  I tried to swim on my side next to him and did for a bit.  Again, I became tired and left the water.  As I climbed up on the rocks. more people were coming in for their morning ritual.  I can't imagine a better morning !

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