Dolphin Vibrations

Growing from Sand to a Pearl

June July 13, 2000

This was to be a day that would tear at the fabric of my belief in what is possible.  I am actually a "show me" person   I believe from direct experience.  We traveled out from the harbor in Kona at around 8:00 a.m.  In search of... dolphins.  We headed up the coast looking  along the shore, seeing nothing, and it became more difficult as the sun got brighter.  I didn't care.  There were nine of us, on a pontoon  boat with Vito, our boat captain telling jokes.  I let the wind begin to fill me and my mind drifted, and I let it.  I looked back at the shore at one point and was startled to find that the land and the mountain  on the land appeared to be moving in two opposite directions.  I nudged a companion, Tracey, who admitted seeing it too.  It just began the tug on my perception whatever the logical reason.  I began to think "what really does look like that, really is in motion..."  Eventually we began our interactions with the dolphins that day.  they seemed to be less social and more in a "hi, and bye" traveling mode.  We were in and out of the water a few times and content to eat our sandwiches and enjoy the air, the water, and the closeness, enough closeness now to be affectionate with each other, and just quiet, musing.  I thought I saw something, a black triangle floating through the water and nudged Tracey again, who saw it too. Next thing I knew Vito yelled out "pilot whales..."  I thought what is a pilot whale.  Maybe he is a pilot whale...Then they seemed to slow down and directly come towards us.  We were told to get into the water quietly carefully and in no more than three's, and to exit immediately when told.  Apparently pilot whales can be curious and assertive.  They are three times the size of a dolphin, and looked to me like a cookie cutter version of a dolphin with softened edges, like a kid's drawing.  When it was my turn I thought, we are so far from shore the water must be cold.  It was bathtub warm and sheer heaven and gorgeous clear liquid.  I slipped in and then floated like a baking soda filled frogman toy on top of the water because...I saw a freight train size object floating below me and moving toward me, then it passed slowly by with smooth effortless grace.  I was called back into the boat and enjoyed watching flying fish on the way home.  In fact, that was all I thought about the whole event.  Meanwhile, I wondered what was God thinking when he made a fish that jumps out of the water and skims the waves for minutes at a time?  What  is it like to be the best of two species, and are humans hybrids too?  Later that night, was the end of our time together as "the nine" gathering.  We sat around the table eating, then playing with Hawaiian cards called "mana" cards.(power cards).  We shared from them,  and I remember that I had picked out the Menehune card.  They are spirits, that live in the forests and do magic, not unlike Leprechauns...My mind went somewhere and so did my attention as a nagging sensation had begun in my feet.  Like a bit of sand irritating and interrupting my being present, over and over I felt a buzzing sensation in the soles of my feet.  I became fascinated with the sensation, and wondered if there were heating coils running through the wooden floor below my feet.  I already knew this was not what was happening.  Just for argument's sake, I tried to hold to an old reality  for as long as possible.  Finally I mentioned the feeling  to Rachel sitting next to me.  We each put out feet on top of each other's feet.  Joan looked  up and we held hands too, and everyone could feel the current running through the circle..  I am a skeptic, I need to feel it and see it, but I discovered that underneath this skeptic, I believed it was possible all along, just had yet to know.  Now I knew it to be true.  Here was the pearl ...knowing that I am a field of energy, vibrations, that everything is and everything has frequency and vibrates in different patterns-  I realized there was a definite and constant sensation of energy like electricity running through me from the bottoms of my feet on up and through me.  I am writing  this five months later and not a day has gone by where this feeling has ever left.  That day, I was given a gift, an initiation into a larger awareness of what I am, that dolphins and whales carry energy fields, electro-magnetic energy fields and there is much to learn.  Much to learn.  I very much appreciated this gift .It expanded the edges of my reality, my perceptions and flamed my curiosity in terms of the healing potential of a heightened energy field.  I remember how inner focused and serene and calm I was.  I found myself thinking...can we elevate our own energy field that is each of does this transfer, and is  it easier to receive this sensation  in the water?  I continue my research.  The child inside of me was most pleased.  My sense is the fountain of youth is about retaining abundance of energy and if dolphins and whales are known for something it is for exhibiting sheer joy and playfulness.  That day was the day I became initiated into that world.  Our real world.

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