Dolphin Vibrations

Build a field...
A field of healing Frequencies

Something happens when we go to the doctor that touches us beyond verbal exchange.  Some people are aware of different levels of healing at the same time.  This is an example.  The vibration of compassion, an attitude of attention towards you is as much a dose of "medicine" as something in a bottle.  The connection comes from our fields of energy CO-mingling.  There is transference of information and inaudible frequencies transmitted and received.  The "body" responds.  I will refer to the physical body when it is a physical phenomenon.  "Body" refers to our physical body, and the field of energy which emanates around within and beyond it.  Some call it the auric field, the corona which is like an outline tightly around our physical form.  Our physical body is actually about one-third the size of our "body."  There is much more of us that receives information than we sometimes choose to be aware of.  Each of us, every object on this planet, including rocks, has an energy field.  Rocks vibrate slower than we do.  Just by way of introducing the possibility to do you feel when you see someone you are fond of?  Where do you feel it? Have you ever been aware of someone approaching you just as they got within about three feet of you but not in your vision?  That is bio-energy field interaction.  There is nothing on this planet BUT energy.  Energy IS all there is.  Energy that feels good, feels bad...High energy, low energy.  At the end of the day, you may feel low energy. This IS energy field awareness in simple form.  As it pertains to physical health, that is an unfolding and continual education.

There is a group of mammals, both Dolphins and Whales, that appear to be connecting for interaction with humans.  They are choosing from the vast waters which cover this planet, to swim VERY CLOSE to shores, making themselves available for interaction.  There are also some very specific energized areas of our planet to which people seem to be drawn.  In a heightened energy field, no different from a football stadium during a game, where energy is flowing on the field and in the stands, there is intense energy flow available. I have yet to meet the person who for whatever reason, went out and engaged with dolphins a few times, that hasn't come away with a sense that they are "changed." They feel changed because these mammals have at the very least in our collected data, been able to emit frequencies both audible, and we believe, beyond the threshold of audibility that induce in us a changed energy field, and changed brain wave state after interaction.  That, very simply put, is a healing interaction.  There is a change, and it registers in the individual as enjoyable and beneficial. The human organism achieves a sense of serenity, well being, reported loss of pain, release of anxiety, and relief from depression.  One other thing...  It is fun.  So far, the fountain of youth seems to be the response pattern of joy, laughter...healing frequencies and these are being given to us as the gift of interaction, of sharing our fields.

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