Aquatherapy Vibrations


Water... the power of water to heal, to help, perchance to bathe... I have yet to continue a dark mood once having entered the water and soothed my soul.  Sound travels 4.5 times faster in the medium of water than air.  We are approximately 80% water in body content.  The addition of a pod of mammals (like ourselves) squeaking and chirping and slowing down to engage in communication with us slow swimmers is nothing short of miraculous.  Besides, it tickles my heart.

I wouldn't trade laughing with a snorkel on for anything.  It actually helped me realize I wasn't going to lose control and be engulfed in water any second.  It made me appreciate that I was able to and willing to swim alone, yet with other people around me.  As  soon as there were dolphins around, I completely forgot my concerns and could have been 5 or 55 years old.  It didn't matter.  I was swimming and watching them swimming upside down beside me (my favorite ) and leaping in unison together out of the water.  I was doing what crazy people do.  I was singing to myself and laughing out loud.  I felt connected to the sun on my back, the air, the leaves floating through the water.  Everything.  Somehow there is a connection to remembering why being in a human body is a gift, and laughing, playing a leaf game with a dolphin , hearing my own breathing and feeling the vibration in my chest from humming like a foghorn into my snorkel allows me to be that forgotten part.  Childlike, not childish.  That part that fills with crocodile tears because I get wet, and I get happy.

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